At The Beech House we believe that our children and young people should have access to a wide range of activities, experiences, education and resources.

All our children and young people are offered an activity program designed to meet their individual needs and we actively encourage them to be engaged in as much of the decision making as possible. We encourage our young people to experience a wide range of activities to offer alternative experiences, develop social and life skills and meet other young people. Our Education, therapy and activities offered allow our children and young people to develop self-esteem and confidence.

Residential Care

The Beech House was created and designed with children and young people in mind. They have their own bedroom and private space, which they can personalise. There are 3 communal rooms/ areas where they are encouraged to build relationships with staff and the other residents. There is a large garden offering flexible space for enjoyment and relaxing. There is range of activities and full schedule of things offered both in and outside of the house.


Education is offered on site with teachers teaching a full curriculum. If it is deemed more suitable for a child or young person to be educated onsite, and inline with their care plan, this will still allow them to achieve academically. The teachers have experience of working in a similar environment and embody the therapeutic approach of the home. The education can then been tailored around the young person based on their ability and previous relationships with school.


Integrative psychotherapy and counselling will be offered on site, there is a separate therapeutic area suitable for both individual and group therapy. Therapeutic interventions will be used throughout the home, but specialists therapists will work either on an individual basis or in a group. Utilising the arts to include, drama, music, play, painting...

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