At the Beech House our promise to our children and young people is that we will:

  • Provide them with a, safe, stable, caring and social environment
  • Work with each of them to implement the objectives of their individual Placement Plan and the Placing Authority Care Plan
  • Safeguard and promote their physical, mental, emotional welfare and development by adhering to good operational principles and standards of practice and care.
  • Provide a flexible service, balancing their individual needs and communal responsibilities.
  • Ensure that each of them have access to education appropriate to their age and ability and within a reasonable distance to the home or within the home if one is not available or it is deemed more suitable.
  • Ensure that they receive bespoke individual, and group therapy on a continual basis, based on their specific needs.
  • Ensure that a positive and proactive approach is taken in regard to their health needs.
  • Ensure that there is a range of social and leisure interests available and that they are encouraged and supported to participate.
  • Support their development and enhancement of daily living skills and sense of social responsibility in a cohesive home environment Ensure contact with their family in accordance with care-plan
  • Ensure that they feel treated as individuals by involving them in the planning process and accommodating their wishes and feelings as much as possible.
  • Allow them to represent themselves and have the right to complain
  • Be attentive to their needs in terms of age, gender, race, sexuality and disability, and meet specific cultural / religious needs.
  • Keep abreast of challenging behaviour and anything relevant to their care needs linking to the skill base of the staff.
  • Comply with relevant legislation and policies of individual placing authorities
  • Provide on-going training and development programmes for staff, to ensure we are always providing the best guidance, care and development.
  • Provide each of them stability, a sense of belonging, identity and self-worth, helping them prepare for independent living

Our Quality Standards

At The Beech House we understand how to meet the needs of children and young people we look after and understands the best way to do this
Children and young people’s views are listened to and taken seriously. They have the opportunity to talk, complain and are given feedback
Children and young people are supported by staff in the home to make progress in school and given what they need to do this
Children and young people are supported by staff to do activities they would like to do
Children and young people are supported to be healthy and to make choices that affect their health, like drugs and alcohol. They have access to a GP, dentist and onsite therapists
Children and young people are helped to develop good relationships with adults and other young people and to understand behaviour that is needed in everyday life
The Beech House staff keeps children safe and help them understand how they can keep themselves safe
The staff provide an environment within the home that helps children to be the best they can be
The Beech House provides well planned care, including with admissions and placements of children and young people

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