Based in a large house in SURREY. We have created a SAFE and STABLE home for children and young people with specialist emotional and behavioural support needs. The Beech House is a RESIDENTIAL children’s and young people care home that offers THERAPY and EDUCATION on site.


We look after upto 6 children and young people, age 10-18 years and of both male and female who are under local authority care orders.

We offer an integrative, therapeutic and holistic approach to working with children facing challenges like relationships issues, emotional difficulties, and/or find it difficult to function in school and/or family life.

In addition to this, there is a semi independent flat for a young person to transition to from the main home giving them the opportunity to staying until they are fully independent.

The Beech House was founded by Director and Lead therapist Camilla McInnes, based on an deepfelt passion for giving vulnerable children and young people the best care and support to become strong independent adults.